3 Ways To Go Above & Beyond After Landing Your Dream Job

So you’ve landed an awesome new job! Congrats are definitely in order. Remember that after having an offer made, you’re still selling yourself as an employee. Proving that you deserve the position is something you should constantly be doing.


You got this job because you’re going to work your ass off. You’re going to go above and beyond. But how do you do that while you’re still in the first few months of your job?


1. Show up 15 minutes early.

Even if everyone else doesn’t start work until 8, get there at 7:45 and prepare for the day. Maybe respond to a few emails early, read a bit, if your boss is there chat about your goals for the week and ask for his/her advice, just get there early. It shows that this job is important to you and that you’re ready to crush it every day.


2. Start a project that’ll add value right away.

Maybe your company has a mess of an onboarding process. Take notes while you’re in training. Break down everything you’re being taught in training, into different courses. Put together a slide for each course, create guides on how to do certain tasks, and compile it in a folder to make onboarding new hires easy. Find something right away that you can tell needs created or improved. Tackle it.


3. Stay late.

I’m not saying you have to stay until 9pm every night, but once 5pm hits don’t just race out the door. Wait around a few minutes until most people have cleared out, and ask your boss if there’s something extra you can take over or start working on. Stay and work on it for half an hour, or take it home and come back with some progress to show the next day.


Do these things and your boss will start delegating more responsibilities to you because he/she will know you can handle it. You’ll soon move up into bigger/more rewarding roles. You’ll be the go-to employee, whom your boss can count on. It’s not hard to go above and beyond. However, it does take putting in some extra time and effort. It pays off, though. So don’t be lazy and just do what is asked of you.


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