Diana’s Favorite Tools For Increasing Productivity and Efficiency



  • Team chatting platform
  • You can create different rooms and add different team members to the rooms
  • You can tag people in messages to make sure they see it
  • Mobile and desktop app
  • Search tool so you can look through archived messages
  • Helps my team communicate order information, ask/answer questions, search for answers previously stated, share exciting news, and quickly solve problems.




  • Mobile and desktop app
  • Helps teams and individuals track work
  • You can create daily to-do lists, tasks with set due-dates, and specific boards for specific types of to-do lists.
  • You can add team members to specific boards so they can view/add/complete the tasks
  • You can assign other team members certain tasks
  • Has a direct Zapier integration so that tasks can automatically be added when something else happens
  • Helps my team and I complete orders, remember to followup with high-priority clients, and get our daily tasks done. Keeps the whole team running smoothly and functionally.




  • Scheduling tool for setting meetings
  • Makes it easy to schedule calls with clients, interviewees, and prospects
  • Connects with your Google Calendar so that you don’t double book yourself
  • Has a pretty look, that’s simple and easy to use
  • Easy to customize times that you’re accepting calls, a maximum amount of calls in the day, buffering time before/after calls, black-out days that you’re not available, etc.


Google Play Music or Spotify


This one may seem silly but my productivity is increased by at least 20% when I’m working to a beat.

  • Helps me stay in the zone and block out distractions
  • Fast-paced music makes for fast-paced work. I’ve got a system and energetic/catchy music helps me turn autopilot on.
  • Makes time pass quicker (especially on Monday mornings)

Don’t underestimate the power of music.

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