Everyone Is An Addict – Even You

Isn’t it weird that humans are chemically addicted to their relationships with each other? If you lose someone in life (death, break-ups, etc) you go through a chemical withdrawal. You’re not getting the endorphins that person used to cause you and it’s literally like not doing drugs after becoming addicted.


It’s kinda scary in a way.


We don’t even realize how dependent we are on the people in our lives that mean a lot to us until we go without seeing them for awhile and feel the withdrawal. Until we’re absolutely devastated when someone leaves or dies. It’s something we can’t even control, it’s a chemical reaction in our brain. You can’t just decide you’re going to instantly be happy, then be completely happy again. That’s scary for me because I like to be in control at all times. But you honestly can’t always be. You’re going to hurt in life, that’s just part of it.


You’ll lose people, you’ll go through withdrawals, you just will.


The withdrawals have to happen in order to break the addiction.


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