If You’re Not Prioritizing Everything, You’re Letting Money Walk Away

One of the key components to being successful in sales is learning to prioritize everything.

From the emails you respond to, to the calls you make, to the leads you work really hard, and the ones who get cold.

There’s no simple way to get absolutely everything done that you need to get done. Which, don’t get me wrong, is a good thing. In any growing company, you will experience growing pains.


Having too much to do is better than sitting around twiddling your thumbs.


There will almost always be more work than the team is able to handle. That’s why prioritization is key.

Respond to the high-dollar, easy to close, fast-paced clients first and foremost. After doing that, move on to the opportunities that could be big, and you have an okay confidence level that the sale will close. After following up with your highest-revenue clients and warmest leads, then you can move on to the little guys. Start with the $$$ clients and work your way down to the $ clients.


You shouldn’t always respond to emails in the order that you receive them.


If someone sends you an email asking for a quote and a phone call but they’re only going to spend $15 with you, it’s not worth your time to respond right away. Move on for now. Yes, you still need to answer the email, but no it’s not a priority.


The little clients need love too.


However, the big clients are paying for more love and faster responses. Any time you’re not prioritizing your to-do’s, money is falling through the cracks. If someone is ready to give you their money, don’t wait to respond to them until you’re done chatting with prospect #1, #2, and #3. Respond right away, give them your services, then chat with prospects. Think of it this way:


While you’re responding to the $ clients first just because they’re the ones at the top of your inbox, the $$$ clients are giving their money to your competitors. 


You’ve lost an opportunity.

Respond to everyone, and try to respond as soon as you possibly can, but be smart in the order in which you respond.

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