You Don’t Have to be the Best at What You Do

You don’t have to have the world’s most popular blog.

You don’t have to generate the most in revenue out of every company.

You don’t have to have the longest eyelashes or smallest waist.

You don’t have to be the world’s richest, most successful 18 year old. Or 26 year old. Or 37 year old.

You don’t have to drive the nicest car in the world.


You do have to┬álive a life that makes you happy. You do have to stop doing things that don’t make you happy.

I believe that if you’re making $80,000 but you’re unhappy and you don’t enjoy your career, you’re less successful than someone making $35,000 doing something they love. Success is not measured in dollars.

Success is measured by your quality of life and how much you enjoy it.


Yeah it’s helpful to be good at what you do, maybe even great, but if you’re striving to be the very best, chances are your life is more stressful than it needs to be.

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