You’re Only As Free As You Decide To Be

I’ve decided that when I don’t know what to blog about, a pretty good fall-back prompt is a Seth Godin blog post or podcast.


The tables have turned and all the people who would’ve said to me 40 years ago “you would do better if you would just fit in more,” need to be told “you would do better if you would just stand out more.”


It seems like these days the people who live the freest lives are the ones that aren’t afraid to. People think they have to get a degree or they have to perform academically. But nobody is forcing them. People are only as free as they let themselves be. You don’t have to do these things, you’re making yourself. You want to do these things, which is perfectly fine. Don’t be ashamed. Or your parents are making you do these things and you wish to please your parents. Hey, that’s your decision. But the only thing you have no choice in is paying taxes (taxation is a theft). Let’s not make this political though.


The point I’m trying to make is this:


Do. What. You. Want.


Stop making excuses as to why you’re being forced into doing anything.

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